About G2MQ

Principal Factors for Success

  • Visionary leadership
  • Customer-focused excellence
  • Valuing staff and partners
  • Focusing on results
  • Agility

Established in 2001, G2MQ offers business leaders and healthcare organizations a unique combination of innovative proprietary tools and a dynamic team of subject matter experts to provide tailored solutions for our clients.  From customized standard operating procedures to compliance and accreditation preparations to writing Baldrige National Quality Award applications, G2MQ is your trusted resource.

Utilizing a comprehensive approach, G2MQ not only addresses compliance, accreditation and regulatory issues, but tackles the full spectrum of challenges facing today's healthcare organizations.  Consequently, our clients can take their organizations "above and beyond" compliance to sustainable performance excellence and results. 

Innovative Proprietary Tools

Our integrated Quality Management System (iQMS) leverages Microsoft-based software to seamlessly integrate quality management processes. We provide “fingertip” access to critical information which is available to all authorized users, allowing management to review performance and automate a paperless QA&I review process.  Additionally, our unique assessment system and turnkey solutions make us the “911” response team for facilities requiring additional or urgent assistance in preparation for accreditations and inspections.

Additionally, FAST TRACK to Excellence streamlines the process of integrating the Baldrige model within your organization and expedites your return on investment towards becoming a role model organization within your business sector. 

Our Logo

The G2MQ logo is a bonsai tree perched on top of a mountain.  The mountain represents our foundational principles of integrity, wisdom, and excellence.  The bonsai tree represents our vision to cultivate well respected organizations which others seek to emulate; firmly anchored through its strong roots,  the bonsai is able to weather future storms and thrive.

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