Don Hickman, Senior Consultant

Don Hickman

Don Hickman is a senior consultant with G2MQ and a leading expert in organizational leadership and strategies, quality and auditing, and management systems. Don helps companies and organizations in all sectors develop and improve leadership, management and organizational strategies.

Don has over 28 years of superior performance leading teams in eight different business units in the public and private sectors. A retired Colonel of the United States Air Force (USAF), he was the commander/CEO of the $56 million/year Air Force ambulatory care clinic at Hill AFB, Utah, and served on the Board of Directors of Davis Hospital and Medical Center in Layton, Utah. Don has over ten years as a senior program manager for the 680,000 employee USAF. He developed and implemented strategies and plans for the USAF’s $9 billion per year energy program, USAF Medical Service’s worldwide contingency and training programs, and the USAF’s $1 billion per year environment, safety and occupational health program. Don has extensive depth and breadth of experience in continuous process improvement, business unit auditing and management systems (including the AAAHC, Joint Commission, ISO and ANSI), leadership and accountability.

Don earned his Bachelors degree at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and a Masters of Science in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from UC Davis. He holds two international relations/strategy Master degrees from the Air University and is a former National Security Fellow at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA. He is a graduate of the Interagency Institute of Federal Healthcare Executives.